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Baby Husky and Baby Girl Are Growing Up Together

The baby mimicking the husky’s vocals were simply adorable!

Jen brought a husky puppy for her newly born daughter, Hazel. They named him Rio and the cute journey of soulmates started. Hazel has her life in Rio. She does everything with the baby husky. Rio also loves to play, eat and sleep with her. They are growing together.

Her initial reaction was full of curiosity after looking at this tiny little creature. During her honeymoon period, she taught her crawling with her slow walk. Hazel always learns new things from her best friend like howling. However, she is innocently mean in milk sharing.

Baby Husky and Baby Girl Are Growing Up Together

Being similar in age makes them even cuter and part of a child’s story. Sometimes Hazel is shocked to see baby husky doing amazing things. She also loves to entertain Hazel by doing funny acts. It seems like a sibling relationship.

Baby Husky and Baby Girl Are Growing Up Together

Rio gets the same attention and food which she gets by learning the benefit of sitting beside the high chair. When she has a snack cup in her hand, Rio knows that she will feed her through the gate. The idea of sharing is learned by both of them during happy snack time.

Growing up with a pet is an amazing experience.

Baby Husky and Baby Girl Are Growing Up Together

Hazel sleeps on the floor with her baby husky after playing all day. Their bond is something that we can’t understand. Rio makes her laugh by playing in her crib. They even talk with each other during their play. Watching them doing funny acts is amusing.

Mess is the name of the game. They take out everything from the closet and play with them. Hazel loves baby husky’s water bowl as she prefers to drink in that. When Rio is a little dull, she will crawl right into her crate and gets her attention.

Now Hazel is learning to walk and Rio is also becoming more expressive. They even play outside gently. Their friendship is priceless and can’t be replaced. So Jen will never trade Rio for anything because baby husky and baby Hazel are true soulmates.

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