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Cute Cooper The 8 Weeks Old Golden Retriever Puppy

This is the world’s cutest and adorable puppy

Is there anything cuter than an 8-week-old Golden Retriever puppy? It is certainly hard to think about anything. And Tmar is a lucky guy who actually gets a puppy!

That is a big day for him: he has always loved dogs. He is truly prepared for the arrival is his new cute Golden Retriever puppy. He got him a cage to sleep, a fluffy pillow in it, toys, and a play pin. When Tmar can’t play with him, the doggo will be safe in there.

Cute Cooper The 8 Weeks Old Golden Retriever Puppy

Golden Retrievers, especially puppies, require a lot of time. They are full of energy! Tmar is working from home, so he can spend a lot of time with the new member of the family.

He wants to teach him tricks, and that is a great idea – Golden Retrievers are very smart and learn fast. Tmar drives 4 hours to get his new dog. And the dog is adorable – a fluffy, goofy puppy named Cooper. Copper loves Tmar from the first moment, sniffing him and giving hum puppy kisses!

It’s so cool how we’ve seen the journey of coop growing up with Trev over the years!

Cute Cooper The 8 Weeks Old Golden Retriever Puppy

Home is far, and Copper needs to move a little bit. Tmar takes some breaks on the way, walking around on a leash. The cute Golden Retriever puppy is playful; he cares more about chewing on his leash instead of walking.

Both of them are very excited about each other! It seems like they will be best friends. On the way home, the tiny dog falls asleep. He is just a baby, and they need a lot of rest.

Finally, the cute Golden Retriever puppy is super curious and ready to discover the house when they get home. He is walking around and sniffing and crawls under the table. He is getting to know his new environment.

He quickly finds one of his puffed snowmen and plays with it. Copper is wagging his tail the whole time – he must be satisfied with his new home and new owner! Tmar can’t wait to teach him tricks when he grows a bit bigger.


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