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Sea Otters Holding Hands To Fight The Open Ocean Dangers

Otters are otterly cute!!

Spring melts unstable glaciers in the open sea, therefore raising water level and dangers for the shy sea otters. In this turmoil comradeship and motherhood is seen in these creatures. Sea otters holding hands reach to the warm water.

Before spring, these creatures get together in warm waters where they make their floating nursery. Spy sea otter also joins them hesitantly. She is privileged to get the attention of all. Enjoying a relaxing time of the year with the company makes them even stronger.

More eyes make them smell any upcoming danger. Huge blocks of glaciers fall into the ocean on the arrival of spring. This generates a wave of up to ten meters in height which moves up to one kilometer. In this unfortunate situation mothers and pups easily get separated.

The most interesting things to see here are the spy otter and spy eagle. The spy otter even knows how to wrap itself in kelp. Amazing.

Sea Otters Holding Hands To Fight The Open Ocean Dangers

Pups first look for help but later they are saved by their fellow elders. This species assures that not even a single out of them stays behind in danger. Some of them do struggle in finding the right direction in the open ocean.

However, many sea otters holding hands and floating over each other fight with the wave. They find a refuge away from the glacier. In the deep ocean, kelp helps them in floating. Here they reassemble and mothers find their lost pups.

Hardships of fighting with the wave are now gone due to sharing the burden. This place is even more comfortable than the previous one. They’ve got a chance to breed here and find more food for the upcoming summer.

Even new pups learn how to get themselves attached to these kelps and survive. More kelp beds appear after ice vanishes, offering a breeding place for elders. Sea otters can now enjoy the upcoming summer in harmony.


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