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Zumba Kids Dancing on Electronic Song of Minions

These kids are amazing.

Kids are best at two things. Copying and loving minions. These dancing 14 minion-loving Zumba kids have stopped every viewer to watch till the end. Their innocent acts and yellow outfits show their love for minions. It seems as if they understand the language of minions.

Zumba kids feel pleasure in dancing because of their so lively instructor. Their moves on each note of electronic music show their practice and synchronization. The best thing to watch is that each kid has followed the minion theme at their best possibility.

Each kid is somehow copying best among them and their instructor. Even if their instructor leaves them with a wonderful dance move, these Zumba kids are still enjoying the dance moves while cheering, “Banana! Banana!”

Such an electric move on trans music is commendable. Video editing is so perfect that he joins back with the same move where the instructor leaves them. Then comes the more difficult but amazingly cute moves of these Zumba kids which follow highs and lows of music.

The little girl leading the rest of the Zumba kids is so perfect in dance moves that she is confident enough when to start the new one. She even does lip-synch on the dialogues of minions. Expressions of all kids are so perfect which depicts the minion language.

It seems as even if the kids are left on the dance floor without practice, they would have danced the same because they are so cheerful.

“…. Papaya!” Now the dance moves have reached the next level which is full of energy and cheerfulness. Their tries to do skeleton dance moves shows their confidence when they move front and back. Enjoying their own dance then move to pair formations with arms around each other and twists.

It ends with such amusing dialogues of minions which these kids fully understand and show their expressions accordingly. Their last breathtaking and stylish exit made every viewer their fan. These Zumba kids love dancing and the word “Papaya!”.


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